CLPD Seminar: Teaching the Google-Eyed YouTube Generation

The CLPD (University of Adelaide) are hosting a presentation by Bill Ashraf:

Dr Bill Ashraf

Director of Technology Enhanced Learning, University of Sussex

Thursday 25 March 2010

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm, CLPD, Level 2, Schulz Building West

The University sector in the UK has undertaken a massive transformation over recent years resulting in a current mass market with an ever-decreasing resource base. Institutions are facing enormous challenges to establish competitive advantages whilst attending to customer need and focus. This presentation will highlight the above issues in terms of building upon and expanding a technology enriched learning environment in order to compete in a rapidly developing skills and knowledge based economy. A smarter, cost effective, lean teaching and learning environment needs to evolve in order for UK universities to compete in a flatter global educational market place.

In addition the presentation will consider and highlight opportunities for increasing operational efficiency, from a personal perspective, based on a blended approach to technology enhanced learning by creating a 24/7 learning environment for the Google-Eyed YouTube generation. The challenges of teaching large groups of students from a very diverse range of backgrounds and abilities will also be discussed.

Please RSVP for seminar presentation to Marilyn Purdy by Tuesday 23 March 2010,

email or telephone 830 35771.


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