Resources on using clickers

Hi all,

The following came through the HERDSA list, and I thought you might be interested.

The Science Education Initiative* has created a set of resources about
effective use of personal response systems (“clickers”) for student
engagement and formative assessment — most notably a set of high-quality
videos giving an inside look at clickers being used in the classroom and
teacher and student opinions about them.  The response to these videos so
far has been enthusiastic.  We thought that you might be interested to know
about these resources — please disseminate them widely.

Here are the three main resources of interest:

1.  Clicker Videos
This page houses a suite of short, well-produced videos on the rationale for
using clickers, the details of how to use them effectively, and the research
supporting their use.  Videos are 5-15 minutes long.  These also live on
YouTube at

2.  The Instructor’s Guide to Effective Use of Personal Response Systems
This comprehensive guide discusses pedagogical aspects of clickers in a
great amount of detail.

3.  A resource website on clicker use
This page contains many helpful links, including quality clicker question
banks, articles, and the videos.

*These resources were created by the Science Education Initiative at the
University of Colorado ( and the Carl Wieman Science
Education Initiative at the University of British Columbia


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